Friday, July 26, 2013

Foto Friday

I know I have been slacking lately with no posts. I haven't had anything to post lately and when I do, I forget my camera. Oh course!

Well, here is what has been going on lately!

The garden loved the rain we had. We totaled 3.4 inches. It was wonderful. I can definitely handle not seeing the sun for 4 days during the summer. Now that we've had a week of sunshine since, the weeds are getting even more out of control! And I haven't had time to get to pulling them!
Our tomato plant is doing extraordinarily well! We have more then one, but this has been the only one to thrive! He has a buddy right next to him, but he hasn't done a whole lot of producing, but we have gotten a couple!
Here is the money maker!

 This is the bounty from this past Friday's pick!

We also have some melons!
This baby I have watched grow from the very beginning!

Birthday Weekend:
Tuesday was my birthday! So last weekend Bobby took me to Canyon Texas to get away a bit! We stayed with some good friends there and they took us skeet shooting, to eat at a dive called Coyote Bluff and then to the Texas Musical Play in Palo Duro Canyon. It was a fabulous evening! We will be going back to the canyon to get in some camping and hiking! It is a beautiful spot!

Isn't he a hunk!?!?!

This is Billy! My sweet friends sweet husband. Love them!
 I don't have any picture of the play of the canyon. We were running a bit late and so I didn't think about it, plus they ask you not to take picture at the play.

Bobby got me some more Fiestaware. I love getting new colors. I got lots of turquoise (love it!), the new blue, Lapis, Flamingo, Paprika and plum! I got a plum plate and the plum gusto bowl from my in-laws and also turquoise salt and pepper shakers from Bobby that aren't pictured!
Bobby also got me a turquoise seed bead necklace! It is gorgeous! He is a doll!
We also went out to eat on Tuesday at Hotel Settles. I'm loving that place. It's kinda romantic! They have their pool open now. You have to be a guest to swim, but we took a peek! I would love to go stay there, but it seems weird to get a hotel room 40 miles from home!

These are a couple old pictures that I ran across! 

Sorry for the blurriness, but I thought it was kinda a cool pic!

I took a couple hours off work this morning to get caught up on things around the house. I was anticipating a really slow day at work and the boss said it was cool if I came in late! Love my job!
So I took a big walk this morning! I love early morning walks. Normally would say peaceful and quiet walks, but the rigs around us are quite noisy right now!

I snapped a couple pics with my phone! The beauty of a morning cannot be captured in a photo, but I can at least try!

Photo doesn't do justice to the green cotton!

Water storage for "Frac"-ing. It's like a mini lake!
Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Hey Mandie! Great pictures...they're fun to see :)
    Happy late birthday! I'm glad you had a great day.