Thursday, January 30, 2014

Receiving Blankets.

Much to my surprise I got some pictures taken yesterday. Here are a few projects I've completed for Asa's nursery.

I had got some of this flannel a while back, just cause I thought it was cute. Now I'm glad I had it cause it is perfect for our little man.

This was my first time to do a "self-binding" blanket. There was some trial and error, but it turned out pretty good!  I enjoyed making a little scene for the front. I am into simple, but I think Bobby wanted me to cover the whole thing with felt. 

 This is the back. I think that it is so adorable!

Here is the other one I have finished. This is more of what I usually do, a monogrammed name. Again. It is very simple, but that's how I roll! I love the little animals on this flannel as well!

I have made a couple things to hang on his walls. I found the inspirations from Pinterest, but I thought that I could save money and just DIY it! I am pleased with how it turned out!

I will probably display them different, but Bobby made that bugle/powder horn for Asa's room as well! I love that he is getting into the nursery, as well! 

This was a poster that they have for sale on Pinterest. I had some canvasses laying around so I thought I would try my hand at a DIY project. It is definitely not as good as the one I could have purchased, but I'm pretty proud of it! I then framed it with some cedar scraps we had laying around the barn! {And please excuse the poor lighting, but you get the idea!}

Those are some of the successes I have done for the nursery. I am trying to get things marked off of my master list!
Slowly but surely!


  1. As always - super cute projects!!! If it is any consolation - I've started on TBQ (The Baby Quilt)!!! Hopefully I'll finish by March 15th!! But I'm still stitching on TWQ, but I'm getting closer!!

    Love ya,


  2. Mandie! Your stuff is so cute! The blankets are darling and I love the chalkboards...especially the alphabet! I've seen similar prints but not in chalkboard format. What a fun idea :)