Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend in a Nutshell!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Ours went by really fast, but I felt like I got some projects done, so it was, all-in-all, good!  We went from wonderful spring weather on Saturday to a wintery icy day Sunday. It was good to stay cooped up inside and catch up on some rest though.

Saturday we took another load of scrap to the scrap yard. We have been cleaning up around the place and hauling things off! It is a rewarding feeling to get things cleaned up... and get paid for it! Every little bit helps! We got home from town and ate lunch then went and checked cows and heifers. I love getting to go see the babies! Even though I didn't get any pictures, we had some more babies on the ground. There was one momma off from the pack with a brand new little one. Not sure if it is a little heifer calf or bull calf, momma wasn't having up get any closer then we were. It is moments like that I kick myself that I didn't have my camera in hand!

I did get some pictures of the heifers though. Those ladies crack me up. It's like a bunch of teenage girls. They stick in a pack and have the funniest personalities. We stuck them on wheat this past week, so you would expect to see them there. They're off in the pasture instead. Kids. What do you do? Ha. I got some shots of them though!

People say we don't have mountains in West Texas. Those are my mountains in the background!


Of course in my mind I want a beautiful solid green background... but who are we kidding. This is real life!

I also finished the last 2 receiving blankets that I'm going to make for Asa. {for now anyway!}

 This one is just a simple plaid flannel receiving blanket with his name on the front. I don't do cursive monogram much, so it was fun for a change!

This stag blanket is more of a snuggle blanket then a receiving blanket. It is small, but it's so soft and i can see us getting a lot of miles out of it. There are somethings that didn't turn out exactly like I had hoped, but I'm still learning!

You can also see the rocker I have for the nursery! I just put some faux sheep wool on the seat! I'm really liking how it looks!

Sunday I got to sleep in. We didn't have power so we just kinda hung by the fire and read and chilled! After running around everywhere on Saturday, it was nice to chill. We went at lunch to the Church to get our chicken dinner we ordered. The 4-H club does a fundraiser every super bowl Sunday for a trip they take, so of course we had to get some. Those dads sure know how to cook a chicken! We brought it home a devoured it, along with some beans, cole slaw and delicious bbq sauce!! Yummy!

I've been trying to get my hospital bag ready for when Asa makes his appearance. I have been looking at many different lists and trying to decide what all I need or can have already packed. There are some things that won't be packed until the day of, but I have been getting things together that will not be used until Asa is here.

I wanted a gown to wear in the hospital the would be cute and that I could still feed out of easily. So, I made my own! It is definitely not perfect and I hope it will not be too small, but I think it turned out pretty cute! This was my Sunday afternoon project!

I put snaps on the shoulders so I can take it down and put it back up easily!

Now it is packed, ready to go, in my bag! One thing checked off the list!!

With those projects marked off the list, now it's on to the next! I'm not sure if I will ever be done with projects! I think even if I were done, I would make up a list of new projects. I always have something in my head! Maybe I can get Bobby motivated to help me with some of these big projects for the nursery!! Let's pray for that!

Have a great week!



  1. I am so impressed with your hospital gown...something I would probably never even have the guts to attempt :) It's darling...and more super cute blankets. You are so ready for this baby!

  2. Your gown is SOOO cute!! Your on the ball, girl!