Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Time is sure flying by. I'm on my last week in my second trimester! Woah! Life is good! I'm getting more excited about seeing Lil' Asa and wondering what he might look like!

I am definitely enjoying this time now, though, where I can sleep and I feel great! I still have the attitude that I am going to enjoy every single bit of this pregnancy! I guess it may be the right of passage to being a mom, but everyone will give you their horror stories or their, "you just wait till...." stories. I'm sure that everything won't be all sunshine and roses {i.e. Labor}, but this is a wonderful miracle that I am getting to be a part of and I'm going to enjoy it!!

Now to these belly shots!

That is not technically a bun, but you get the idea! Now that I have sourdough, I've been baking bread at least once a week! It is not really that hard, plus it is delicious! This cold cold weather is great for bread baking, too! I just let it rise in front of the fire!

I had to do a picture with out the apron to show how big this bump is really growing!



  1. I'm SOOOOO proud of you! You are truly a testimony of the faithfulness of God!

    Love ya,


  2. How exciting that you're so close to being done with your second trimester!
    I love your "baking" picture! At first, before I read it and just saw the picture, I thought Asa was now the size of a loaf of bread...ha!...probably not quite yet :)

  3. What a great perspective. I hated the "you just wait.." comments because nothing can truly prepare you, and every baby is different. Who knows, you could have an insanely easy labor and a baby who sleeps well from the beginning. Thats what I'm praying for, for you anyways! Glad that all is going smoothly. You look amazing, your "all bump"!