Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Weekend.

With a nice long weekend ahead of us, we got to kick it off the way we like! We hauled heifers to a new lease place {all the way in Central Texas}, so we got heifers up the night before we left. We had them in the pens and were just looking at them. This is what the dogs do...

 I can't help but laugh at Junior and how he had his leg over Bobby's shoulder like they were contemplating something serious.

Sweet Sage was interested in what was going on, too!

We left the next morning (Friday) and headed East. It was such a pleasant drive with half the trip green and lush with wildflowers everywhere. I spent the whole trip saying, "Look at those flowers" and "Look at all those bluebonnets". Bobby acted like I was annoying him, but soon got overwhelmed by the beauty of it all and was joining in with me! I told him that we needed to get a picture in them! Surprisingly he agreed to a picture or two, but I knew I had a slim chance of getting any. Much to my surprise we got a couple!

With my black dress you can't hardly tell how pregnant I am! This is at 36 weeks. I cannot believe that he is scheduled to be here in 4 short weeks! Wow!

I didn't get any other pictures. I guess getting so caught up in the scenery, I didn't think to take any... that or pregnancy brain! But now I am wishing I had captured a few! {Even though pictures don't do near enough justice to how pretty it really is!}

What a wonderful weekend to remember what Christ did for me {us} and how unworthy, but grateful I am for that gift! Praise the Lord he is risen!

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