Friday, April 4, 2014

Week 33.

I had meant to do this the beginning of the week, but we've had a very busy week.

Monday was normal, but we got up early on Tuesday (like 3:45 in the morning early) to head to New Mexico to go pick up bulls! I took the day off cause I didn't want to miss out on the excitement! And I'm so glad I went. Even after spending the entire day in the truck and getting swollen ankles and feet, it was worth it.

First stop was Carslbad, NM. We headed to the ranch to pick out bulls! The maps app on my phone said it would take 4 hours, but it was just over 3. So we were there a bit earlier then we thought. Plus, we didn't even think about loosing an hour and it was even earlier for them! Thankfully they are morning people and were up when we got there! Since it was so early, they invited us in for coffee! It was so refreshing talking with people who love the Lord about the Lord. Not a typical day!

After visiting for a little while we went down to the pens to do what we were there to do! We met their son who works on the ranch with them. He was so nice, too, and we enjoyed the morning visiting and sorting through bulls! We found the ones we wanted, got loaded up, business complete  and then hit the road! Just 4 more hours and we will be home!

A few potty breaks, McDonald's breakfast and many cat naps, and we were home!Time to put these boys with their new girlfriends! Let's just say he's one happy camper! Bobby said, "Now that is the definition of happy, happy, happy!" {This coming right after we listened to Phil Robertson's book on tape!}

The heifers were happy too, but not so happy when they found out we didn't bring feed with us! But I think they like their new boyfriend!

After eating a quick bit to eat, we headed to Alpine to take a trailer back to it's owner. That's a 6 hour round trip! Let me tell you this preggers was tired! {This is probably the closest thing to a 'baby-moon" as we will get! Bobby probably doesn't even know what that is and would most definitely say that a "baby-moon" is ridiculous!}

And I had to drop Bobby off at the tractor the next day so he could move to another field. It was cool watching him fold the 16 row plow {think he might call it a lister bar} up! They made that last year and so it's cool to see them use it!

With "jet-lag" I was behind on getting this other stuff done... like updating my blog! So here is my weekly update!

Sorry for the awful picture of a pineapple and lighting! My camera's flash is not wanting to work!
How far along? 33 weeks
Total Weight Gain: 35... yikes!
Maternity Clothes? Yes, nothing pre-pregnancy is really fitting!
Stretch marks? No. I'm keeping oiled up!
Sleep? Good and through the night!
Best Moment this week? Umm... just love feeling him move!
Miss anything? Fitting clothes, laying on my belly...
Movement? Him stretching out completely.
Food Cravings? Love chocolate milk!
Gender? Boy
Labor Signs? Not really! But I'm definitely feeling bigger!
Belly Button? IN. Almost non-existent though!
Rings off/on? Very snug... this warmer weather! I can't hardly get them on!
Happy/Moody? Happy!
Looking forward to? Enjoying these last few weeks as just Bobby and I!

Happy Friday! Have a good'n!

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  1. WOW! You're a trooper to spend all that time in the truck :)
    Glad you had a good day though.
    I like your pineapple :)