Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Week 34 & 35 catchup!

Time for some catch up!

Speaking of cantalopes... its about that time of year! Little "lope" plants {as my husband calls them} have gone in the ground! It's garden season!!

I was given yet another shower. We are so extremely blessed! The ladies at worked all pooled in together and got me some really great things! It was such a fun shower with games and all!! Plus my sweet friend that put it all together had this adorable cake made for me!

We had our booth set up at Petticoats on the Prairie in Ballinger, Texas! It was fun! We got to do a little shopping and visiting! {Here is a snap of our booth!}

I got a gift in the mail from my sweet friend, Jessie! She did some Etsy shopping for me! I love all of it! There is a crocheted set of wrangler bottoms, boot and a hat!, monthly stickers for pictures, a "Made in Texas" onesie and a print of a woodland alphabet!I'm so excited about all of these! Won't be long until I can stick him in them!

I am now at 35 weeks! Friday marks a month from his due date!! He is the size of a honey dew melon! His kidneys are fully functional and his liver can process some waste products. Mainly we just have the lungs to finish developing and then he will be ready to join this world!

I am most anxious about seeing what he will look like! I'm pretty sure he will look a lot like his daddy, but I know he will be his own little look! Exciting!

I am getting ready though! I have his nursery {mostly} in order!


I still have yet to get his book shelf made. I have a pile of books ready to put on it! I am going to try and work on that this week and maybe by the end of next week it will be finished!! Need to get his daddy motivated to help me!!

Other then that, this are pretty much the same. Doc said last week he is still measuring right on track! I am still enjoying his little kicks and movements! Plus they seem to have increased! He moves ALL the time! Maybe he is just stronger and I am more aware of his kicks! I also cannot wear my wedding rings any more! With the temperatures rising.... along with my weight.... some swelling has been going on!  It's a good excuse to prop my feet up, though!!

This weekend we are off to move some cattle and celebrate Easter (and a wedding) with family! Plus I get to bring my highchair and stroller home! {This kid has so much stuff already!}

Happy Easter Weekend!


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  1. such a cute cake!
    His nursery looks wonderful :)