Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crafts Lately

I have been busy lately putting all my Pinterest ideas in action. I had gotten so busy pinning and searching all over Pinterest and I stopped and decided I need to make some of these ideas. So, here are some of the little things I've done.

My Crayon Art. I wanted them to look like children, but it turned out looking like a family of 5. O-well. I love the color!

Magnets I made out of scrabble tiles and bottle tops!

The cutest Valentines! I love sewing paper. So, I filled these with candy and mailed them just like that!
My TP roll owls. I know that they're silly, but I like them!
I've gotten a bunch of recipes off Pinterest and others places and instead of them floating around, I put them in a little binder of recipes! Love it!

 There are the ideas of late. I enjoy making things from stuff just laying around and mot putting much money into the projects.


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  1. My talented beautiful daughter!! You never cease to amaze me!! Love You!!