Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Best Friend

It was one of the best things I did bringing that red-headed step child home. I guess when someone cares about you, you get sorta attached to them. That's was Ace had for me... he adored the ground I walked on. He loved me without measure. That little dog brought so much joy and frustration to my life. He loved being petted and he would actually pet you back, whether you wanted him to or not. He was my best friend.
Mr. Photogenic

Happy boy

Bobby loves the little guy, too!
Our first Christmas

He even put up with Kitty
because he loved him

He even allowed Junior to sit on him

Super Dog
Loves his cousin!

What?? Didn't you buy this chair for me?

What's yours is mine, right Mom?

His Daddy
 I would have loved for my kids to know the coolest dog around. Bobby said yesterday, "It's going to be hard to find another dog with as much personality as Ace."
RIP Ace. We love you!

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  1. So sorry to hear about ACE!! He did love you, and I know he was a great dog for you! Thinking about you!