Monday, August 6, 2012

Arrowhead Hunting

One of Bobby and my favorite things to do when we make a trip to my parents is take a hike and look for arrowheads. Since this past weekend was my sister's baby shower, we got to go home and enjoy the cool morning air!

 As we started our walk, the goats were going out for the day!

 Bunny rabbit didn't know I could see him!

 We had just reached the top of the mountain (road anyway)!

An Indian grinding hole

 We met up with the horses!




 And I couldn't resist taking a little ride!

Almost home! A great hour and a half walk! And we found a couple arrowheads!



  1. How far from your parents do you live?
    Love your "shadow" pic :)

  2. It came up this time!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics!!! Isn't my Gal a gem!!!

    We so loved ya'lls visit!!