Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Furniture is moving it's way in!

 As the house is getting closer and closer to finished, a few pieces of furniture are making their way into the house!

A couple weeks ago Bobby went with his boss to Mississippi to move his boss' mother-in-law. There were some items that wouldn't fit in her new apartment and so they came home with Bobby and Dennis. Dennis' father-in-law built furniture and so there were several pieces that he had built that Dennis' family will I guess inherit. Since they have no place for them in their house, we get to store them!! I am so excited. I've been wanting a china cabinet since I got married. This one fits perfect in the new house, like it was made for it. I can now bring out my china that has been in a box for 3 years!!

Some friends of ours are moving from here in Garden City back to Midland. Bobby helped them load up some heavy stuff a week or so ago, and in doing so acquired a new CLOCK!!! We've kinda wanted a grandfather clock, but are no way in a place to spend money on one (and probably never will). So when they were tired of moving this clock around and offered it to us, we snatched it up! Last night we went to picked it up and then put it in the new house. This is the second piece of furniture to go in our new house!

There is still a little work to do on it. We messed with it a little, but this morning will tell if it is still keeping time.

You might not can tell, but the floor is clean. Bobby and the guys have been doing finishing touches on the house. One being sealing the floor. It looks so amazing!

This is a picture of the hearth/TV cabinet. Everything is picked up off the floor! It might look silly now, but in front of the that tall rock wall will be a wood burning heater! It's one of the last things to do and not high on the list since it is 102* outside!
Doesn't the floor look nice and shiny??

As far as an update... All we're really waiting on is the carpet and countertops to come in. We have to finish the shelves in closets then that's it!

Now I just gotta go pack!


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  1. Wow! What amazing luck! Those are two very nice pieces.