Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shop Name

I've been contemplating this for a couple of weeks now. I am going to start a shop on
Etsy is kinda intimidating to me for some reason. I've shopped a little on there, but it is all a little confusing and I hadn't grasped how I could make a shop work on there. With a little encouragement from the hubby ("Don't be afraid to do something just cause you don't know what might happen" -man I love him!) and friends, I've decided to stick my foot in.

I'm planning to start small with a few little projects I've made and see how it goes. My big plan is to start making more and more baby stuff and eventually start a baby bedding line or something like that. Even though that may be a while off, I'm looking into some different opportunities.

With all that in mind... I wanted to put a poll up and see what you all thought.

 I need a name for my shop.

What do you think???

I'm leaning towards baby bedding and sewing things. With that in mind.... let the ideas flow!

I'm eager to hear your ideas!



  1. How awesome Mandie!
    I'm excited for you.
    I'll have to think on this...I'm not too good at coming up with things like this but I'll definitely be thinking :)

  2. No ideas on a name (Caleb's better at that than me), but with the amazing job you did on Clayton's bedding I think your shop will do really well!!