Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ginning Season

 It is that time of year again. The fields are white, the Deere are running through the fields and there are little red ants marching up and down the roads. The buzz is all about the cotton and ginning season.
Starting around the end of September/ beginning of October, the farmers starting harvesting their crops that they've been nurturing all summer long. The crops are sprayed to stop the plant from growing and make the cotton bolls pop. After all the leaves have fallen off, they get busy with the harvest.
Harvest season usually means late nights for Bobby, but due to no rain at the right time, we didn't make a crop. Even though some farmers are like us and just shredding the little cotton down, there are some who have irrigated and are going as fast as they can to turn their crop into cash.

 And so the process goes....
White fields

from field to gin
my little red ants marching up and down the roads

waitin' on their turn

the ginning process {I've never been inside, but the do it in that building.}
Cotton seed comes out on this side!

and Cotton bales come out on this side!

Even though I am thankful for having my man home every night, I still feel like we are missing out on the fun. Lord, we pray for rain and a crop next year!



  1. thanks for letting us see in on a little bit of this process that I know nothing about but looks fascinating :)
    I hope for a crop for you next year.