Monday, November 26, 2012


It has been so long since I have updated! It has been a crazy whirlwind around here. We have been on the road for the past 3 weeks.
3 weeks ago we made a trip to Bobby's home county to visit his granddad. He was declining fast and we wanted to make one last trip to see him. We went and saw him on Veteran's Day {so fitting since he is a proud Veteran!} and got to say our good byes and pray with him. We came back home on Monday morning and then we got the call Tuesday morning, around 5, that he had passed. We rushed around Tuesday getting things done at work, unpacking and repacking so we could go be with the family. We spent Wednesday through Sunday with family, went to see my family and came home for another short week at work. With out even blinking, Thanksgiving was here. So, we packed back up and headed east again to spend time with our families.

With all the craziness of the past few weeks, I didn't get all my projects made. I was going to have a thankful tree and put the things I am thankful for on my tree! So, since I didn't get to put it in my home this year, I will kinda sorta put one on here!!

I would be so hopeless without My Savior's Love!

Love my husband to death!

It was such an honor to get to know such a great man!
Boy will he be missed! He was the rock of the family.

All my family (even the in-laws and out-laws!!)
2 pups that entertain our life!

Thankful for what we have gotten!

 These are the first things that would have gone on my tree! Maybe I will get around to it next year!

Thanksgiving was so fun. I got to hang out with both sides of the family and see my nieces and nephew. What a wonderful time, but some pretty amazing cooking!
Here are a few pictures from the weekend!

Enjoying her floor mat wear she can kick!
This is the biggest acorn I've even seen!

Let Bobby wear my glasses while he sawed the tree down!

Jaxson loves to climb trees!
Gracen smiles and coos all the time!
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Now it is time for Christmas.
Let the decorating commence! Pictures to come!



  1. I love the "Thankful" leaves/tree! What a great idea!!

    Love ya,


  2. So sorry to hear about Bobby's grandpa...but so glad you got to visit one last time.
    Your leaves are super cute :)
    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

  3. Love the thankful leaves, very cool!
    I'm sorry for the loss in your family... ((hugs))
    Can't wait to see what ya have up your sleeve for Christmas!