Monday, March 12, 2012

Crafts Lately

I had all weekend to work on my projects. I don't know if it is the weather or just everything coming up that has motivated me. This month there is a total of 5 showers that I could have gone to. I have already missed one :( but I know I'll have to miss more then just that one. next weekend is my future sister-in-law's shower in Houston. We are headed down there to that and then the Rodeo with Brad Paisley to follow. I'm so excited, hopefully I'll manage the traffic. Not looking forward to that.
Now, about the projects, since baby's are sprouting up everywhere, I have started on those gifts. I made a quilt and receiving blanket for a friend. Finally got that finished so she can have bedding for him in when he gets here in April. My sweet cousin is having a little boy, so I made him some stuff. (I'll disclose pictures and all after she has gotten the gift). There are many more baby's, but that is all I've gotten done so far. They are the closest to arriving here!!
Kase's Quilt

Receiving Blanket
This was my first time to quilt, EVER!, and I think it turned out pretty cute. Bobby says I need to start making us some quilts, but we'll see how that goes.
I made Lacey a receiving blanket for her first child, Selah, and she said she always uses it, so I had to make one for Kase, too!

Another project I got finished was my table. I had seen a picture like this on Pinterest and thought it was so cute, so I decided the make one like it. I had a table sitting in the garage which was perfect for this project. I had to clean some old paint off of it and sand it a little, but it worked out perfect. Of course, I didn't have any stencils, so I made the stencils, then painted them on the top. After it dried I sanded it to make it not so shiny and more rustic. Then topped it off with a coat of stain. I think that I might get a darker stain, but this is pretty much it!
After painting the numbers

That's about all I have! Enjoy your Monday!!



  1. Super cute!! Great job!! The table is pretty neat!! Where is it going to go?

    See ya Friday!!

  2. Your quilt is simply ADORABLE!!!!!
    And I really like that table. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!