Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Dot on the Map

I saw this on Pinterest and I thought that is was cool. 
I've been to 22 states. I would love to make it to all of them, eventually... especially the ones you fly to!!!

Now, here is my story on how I made it to the states I have...

1. I live in Texas
2. My mom is from Wyoming, and such is the path through New Mexico and Colorado (Or Oklahoma).
3. I used to live in Nebraska and you go through Oklahoma and Kansas to get there. 
4. When I was little we went as a family to Yellowstone (in Wyoming). We stayed one night in Silverton, Montana, so I think it counts.
5. My sister went to college in Ohio. We went to look at the school on a road trip via Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and back through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma.
6. Mission trip to Canada. Drove from Buffalo, NY to Toronto. On the way back we got to see Canada's side of Niagara Falls. Love!
7. My last summer in college I worked for a barrel racer and we got to travel to all the big rodeos out west. First stop... Reno, Nevada. I got to see alot more of New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada. In Reno I went hiking with my cousins at Lake Tahoe and we went to California's side of the Lake... that counts right?? About all of Cali I need. (Except Avon walk in Santa Barbara!!!)
From Reno to Phoenix, AZ  (p.s. I love Arizona), Phoenix to Colorado Springs, CO via Albuquerque, NM, to Cheyenne, WY back home through Kansas.
8. Home for 2 weeks then to Oklahoma rodeo, New Mexico rodeo then to Idaho for tour finals. We went through Utah to get there and saw the Salt Lake and red dirt. That's about it.


I want my next trip, besides Hawaii and Alaska, to be Maine. I've always wanted to go there. Maybe it has something to do with Sarah Plain and Tall. She reminds me of my mother. Anyways...

Where would you like to go???

May God be with y'all in your travels!


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  1. My next big trip I either want to be up through Wyoming and Montana or the east coast. I've always wanted to go to Maine too! I want to see Vermont in the fall. Also, I've always wanted to go to Tennessee and I want to go to Charlottesville, South Carolina. Of course my biggest goal is to see Alaska!!!! It's cool that you have been to so many states!