Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Things!

Some weeks I don't have much to say, and others there are tons of things happening. This past week was spring break, which for me means nothing!! Yay! for growing up!  But, I did take Wednesday off to get stuff done. Mainly that meant working calves, but I got a bunch of stuff done around the house as well. Bobby and I had to get the bulls up. We had taken them off the heifers and stuck them in another pasture which we didn't know had the back fence down. Even though they probably never found it, it is best to get them out. One bull had already gotten out of the front (where there is a fence) and they stuck him out with Dennis' horses and Momma Cow (a very old cow who would enjoy her retirement if we would keep the boys away from her fertile self). So, we baited the other bull and finally got him on the trailer, went to Dennis' to get the other bull, broke a water pipe, then Bobby took the 4 Wheeler and rounded up the other bull. 30 minutes later brings him back and we're in business. After that we gathered our heifers and their calves (which I guess they're not heifers any more, but that's what we call them) and worked them. This was such a learning experience. Having only 2 people when it's at least a 3 person job, is always fun. We got it done, though! It was very successful and we have only 2 left to calve.
I really wanted to get pictures of us working, but when you're short handed pictures are the last priority. So, I did get an after picture.
You can tell how much he wanted his picture taken
What a Dork!

We had to take some of the heifers to the sale on Thursday and didn't get home until 10. I had to pack and get ready for the weekend. I left Friday, right after work, and headed to Brady. I picked up my new puppy and stayed the night at my parents. She is a Catahoula and I love her already. I got home last night from Houston and Bobby fell head over heals for her. He held her and started teaching her how to sit. He told me that he loves her. She is already spoiled and when I left for work this morning she cried forever in her kennel like she was being abused. Hopefully she'll get into a routine and learn that she will be in her kennel all day! Poor little thing!
We still haven't named her, but were going to wait and see what fits her instead of settling for something like Junior! hehe!!

My mom, Mollie (sister) and I got up and left the house at 4:30 Saturday morning to get to Houston for the shower. I actually drove all the way, but it was good cause we got to get caught up on our visiting. The shower was fun and then we headed downtown to go the Rodeo. This was Lyn's bachelorette weekend, so we went to the rodeo and watched Brad Paisley, then rode the Metro back to our hotel. That was quite an adventure.
Even though I had a great time with the girls, I don't really care if I ever go back to Houston, again. Some people ask me how I live out here in the middle of no where, but my question is how do people live there. I love it out here in the wide open spaces!
This was when we first got on the Metro to head to Reliant. by the next stop  I couldn't even see Lyn there were so many people.

And of course, I'm not very good with pictures so I didn't get any pictures of the rodeo or of Brad, but o-well.
After a stop at the airport, a girl's house, the hotel to pick up mom and JoAnn Fabric's, we headed back to God's country. Even though there are way too many people, the grass is so green down there and it is a beautiful spring. There were tons of bluebonnets along the road, so we couldn't resist and stopped to take our pictures in them. It was a fun trip, but definitely glad to be home with my hubby!

Spring is in the air with thunder storms and all. I love this time of year!!


  1. Your new puppy looks so cute!!!! Can't wait to meet her! Her and Willow will have to make friends!!! I wished I wasn't so huge and round and we could have come and helped y'all with the cattle operation!! I agree with you on the whole Houston thing! I get a headache any time I get close to there from all the smog! I don't understand how people could enjoy being around that many people all the time either! I love our West Texas!

  2. name is Aimee. Your mom and my mom are quilt blogging friends. Your mom left a sweet comment on my blog and I told her I would love to see yours. She hooked me up...I hope you don't mind.
    I love the look of your blog and the name. So cute!
    It's fun to see that you're a crafter too. I'd love to follow along with your journey through life.
    Thanks for letting me peek in.