Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Love Love Love

     So, I was laying in bed the other night, flat on my back, a little perturbed at Bobby. At what, I cannot remember, that's how important it was. I'm sitting there thinking, "Man, sometimes this guy is hard to love." Thus, sparks the point of this discussion.... So as I start thinking about what love is and how everyone you love (at some point) is going to disappoint, aggravate, annoy or just flat out make you/me mad, it hits me. Love is a choice. Think of God's love. He knows all the bad things I do, my bad attitudes, my wrong decisions, my evil thoughts, when I gossip.... (and the list could go on), but he loves me despite all of that, knowing I will continue to disappoint him (on accident, of course!). That is what love is. I have read the love chapter (1 Cor 13) over and over and I know that Love is patient and love is kind, but do I have patience or am I kind? I don't think about that when my feelings are hurt or I've been upset by something.
     After mulling this all over in my head, I get over my hurt feelings, and so I start talking to Bobby about all this stuff jumping around in my head. And he's barely listening (I think) mumbling, "Uh-huh" and "Mmhmm", but I go on anyways. ( I come to find out he did hear me when he said, "Like you said the other night..." a few days later)! Earlier that night Bobby had commented on something saying, "I love...(whatever it was)" and as I always respond I say, "Like you love me??". Jokingly of course, but I always have that in my head. In college we watched this video by Rob Bell about love. This particular lesson is called Flame and it has always stuck with me. I say love toward something like pizza or cake and also toward my husband? What?? There is no way that they compare. I would die for my husband (hopefully I never have to prove that), but I would never die for cake. I mean come on, let's face it... we use the word love way to flippantly.
     Now, I'm laying there in bed trying to make all these thoughts make sense in words and it really hits me. Love is something that is not always going to come easy. Yes, I'm in crazy, mad love with Bobby and super attracted to him and we have a great physical chemistry, but I choose to love him when it's hot and heavy and when it plain out sucks. That's the thing about love. It's not always what we want to do or what comes easy. I mean let's face it, cake is always easy to eat, but it is just something we like. (We probably like to many things these days, too, with the Facebook and Pinterest like buttons, but that's for another day). Our like of things should never be compared to love. There are 3 different Hebrew words for love: Raya- which is a friendship, Ahava- which is a commitment and the 3rd is Dod- a deep burning passion (plain out sexual). Now can my "love for cake" go under any of these categories? I think not. It is definitely not my friend or has my back, I'm not committed to it and I'm not even gunna go to the 3rd scenario.
      Hopefully you got something through all my rambling and I hope that you think about that the next time you "love" something other then a person you have a relationship with.


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  1. I agree 110%! I've thought about this before too! In modern day America we use the word 'LOVE' way to much. I think the ancient Greeks had it right when they had several different words to describe love, just like the Hebrews. I've always thought of love (real love/ for humans) is an action not an emotion. Look at the 'love' verses you mentioned in Corinthians, all actions. Patience/Kindness/not envying/not boasting/not being proud/not rude/not self seeking/protects/trust/hopes- You show all of these by actions not emotion. OR many times it starts as an action then becomes an emotion. Think of how you feel after helping/serving others. This is an act of love. Or the way our parents constantly reprimanded us as children for the same mistakes (In my case talking back) thats love (patience). Just my thoughts on what you said!