Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!!

Not only do I love my bible study and my bible study girls, but I love the motivation I got from having it at my house this week. I put the hammer down and got several projects done {my pantry shelves mainly}, my house cleaned and laundry done. With my house done today I decided to take this afternoon to work on some other projects I've been wanting to do for fall. With the temperature dropping it has put me in the mood for fall. I think he turned out so cute, plus I got to use some of my orange burlap from Warrenton!


  1. Cute, cute, girl!! You are good at that stuff!

  2. So cute Mandie! Great use of the orange burlap. I just got a bunch from a craft store and needed some inspiration...I'll have to steal your idea sometime :)

  3. super cute!!!! You ARE good at that stuff!! Hey I need some regular burlap - do you have any?

    Love ya,