Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Just a quick update on our weekend. I haven't got any projects done because I cat stay home long enough to get anything done.

We went to visit Bobby's granddad {who is in the hospital}, so if we make a trip, we try and squeeze everything into one weekend! It can be tiring, but we had fun. We saw Granny and Granddad Saturday morning then went and ate Subway. Bobby's sister is building a house, so we went and visited them and saw their progress. We got back to his parents and turned right back around to go get feed with Bobby's brother and sister-in-law. They picked up feed then we decided to eat. After we ate, we waddled back over to the pickup and went back out to his parents. I then helped my sister-in-law makes pies for birthday Sunday. She has this cute little pie maker the shapes individual pies to look like apples. Apparently it hard to make pie when it is raining outside, but they still turned out pretty, darn cute. After that we played ping pong and darts. Let's just say it was past Scot's bedtime.

Sunday, after church and breakfast, headed to my parents. Bobby hadn't met Gracen (our 5 week old niece) yet, so we spent the afternoon with them. It was a beautiful day!
{We also neutered Bobby's dog, Junior. He has been traveling a lot, so hopefully this will keep him at home. Plus my sister is a vet tech and has all the supplies. Easy peesy!}

Plus I went with mom down the mountains while her and Tate brought in the goats!

That's the weekend. Now it's been back to the daily grind. Work work work!


  1. SOunds like a busy, busy weekend! :)

  2. The video you put on facebook of Scot talking, Soooo funny!!!!