Tuesday, October 2, 2012


This past weekend was the long awaited girls trip. We always save up some money and take a trip to Warrenton, Texas to get our shop on. This is not a trip for the weary, we shop long hours in the sun or rain.
This year happened to be in the rain. We enjoyed the cooler weather and tromping around in the mud. After3 days of shopping, we packed up our treasures and headed home.

We got the cutest little house to stay in close to Schulenburg, TX.

We grilled sausage and chicken Saturday night, topped with sweet potatoes, green beans and garlic bread. Yummo!

I got some stuff to go in my new house.

  1. Wire pumpkins to go on the porch
  2. A decorative ball. 
  3. Orange burlap... I'll make something fallish with it!
  4. A yellow produce scale
  5. 8 pieces of fruit (decorative) + 4 acorns
  6. Wooden bowl to put fruit in 
  7. Antique quilt!
  8. Teal pottery pitcher, thing
  9. Denim Shirt
  10. 2 wooden pieces to hang on wall (don't know what they're called, I'll have pictures)
  11. $20 pair of jeans!
  12. A Christmas gift or two
  13. 3 wire baskets!
  14. Orange spice potpourri
I'll get pictures up tomorrow, but I my camera was dead. Charging now and should be good to go!

I think that is it!... besides the coffee at the Coffee Bug! It was a old VW Beetle with the back end cut off, camper shell attached and turned into mobile coffee stand! And we had a cocoa loco chocolate chocolate chip cookie!

All in all a successful, exhausting weekend! Plus I got to see my sweet little niece several times! I got a picture and they have disappeared off my phone. Bummer!

Have a lovely, autumn week!


  1. so fun Mandie! I can't wait for the pictures :)

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! Would love to go to Warrenton someday!