Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Rollercoaster

Life is has been crazy busy lately, and will only be getting busier. I haven't really had any news or any thing to say lately. I probable say this on my blog all the time, but it's true. I guess today the Lord just put something on my heart I thought that I ought to share.

I've not really had too much of importance going on in my life. I have been playing with my new pup, Sage, and Junior. I feel bad that they have to sit at home all day then we have stuff going on after work and it would be pointless if I never spent time with the dogs... why would I have them then??
So, Saturday we got home and since it was so nice we hung out outside. Bobby and I threw the baseball around and then I started pulling weeds in the yard. I turn the water hose on and get the ground soft so the weeds are easier to pull. The water is running and I'm moving it from one spot to another just working away. Well, Sage happens to love water. I look over and she is stopping in the puddle and biting at the water coming out of the hose. So, now she's got my attention and I keep watching her, Bobby and I get a big kick out of it and are laughing... A few minutes later, she has got the end of the hose in her mouth and is carrying it around. Funniest thing. We definitely miss our little Acey, but Sage has been such a sweet addition to our family. God definitely had her picked out for us. Also, She loves her brother. (And I think he likes her, too, even though he'd never admit it).
There's the update on that.

I love seeing God actively working in Bobby and my life. It's very apparent that Satan is hard at work trying to tear up the great stuff God is building. I by no means think that I've got it together (I don't), but it seems like when things start going right, here comes something else. It never fails. I was thinking back last night on how when we have something under control or peace about something, then here comes a swing from the other side. As I look back, it has been that way for a while (just recently it's been more frequent).
Bobby and I had a lot on our mind this past week. We talked and talked about it and then finally we let go of it and gave it completely to God and he pulled through like the amazing and wonderful Father he is! It was such an answer to our prayers! God is good! Then comes another blow.

With all of this roller coaster riding I've done here lately, the climbs are not near as long and the falls are not near as scary. The thing that I take away from all these things thrown in my face is what is most important, not what actually happened. I tend to focus on myself and how I was hurt or how I feel, when it's not about me. It's about how God is going to use me. Through all this I want to learn how to focus on the lesson rather then justifying my wrong actions. I can only be in control and change own actions. So, that is what I plan to do. I will not let the enemy win. He has already been defeated.

I've been reading The Help (it's been like since January when I started... I guess I'm a slow reader) and as I was reading it last night I had an epiphany. When you read this book it's you think this is about the MLK Jr. movement and rights of the blacks then and how life was in the 1960's. You get caught up in the romance and the drama and the agony of all the events, but there is more in the then you think. I don't know that it is relevant to everyone, but I'm at the part where Skeeter is an out cast and feels so empty (sorry if you have not read this or seen the movie). She got her heart broken, all her friends have abandoned her and her mother is really sick. Even though it is for only one of these reasons, but why has all her friends left her alone?? She stood up for the truth and whats right. Even though she knew what the consequences might be, she took the truths side. It was like, "Light Bulb!" No matter what the circumstances are, I want to stand up for what is correct, the truth.

In all of my rambling, I hope that this is what reigns through. That I live my life according to God's plan and purpose for my life. That I stop listening to the devils lies and keep seeking my Abba's face. I can't change Hilly's mind and make her see that she is ignorant to that truth, all I can do is continue to only believe the truth in my life.

We're starting our next bible study (We're done with James, so if anyone wants to borrow the videos they can) tonight which is Esther. I'm so excited. I love how James was bold and down to the point. You definitely have to wear your steel toed boots around him, cause he will step on your toes. But without even opening the lesson yet, I know that God is going to do great things. The title of the lesson is Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman. All I have to say is AMEN, sister!!! I know boys just don't get it!

Sorry to ramble on. I know that this post was more for growth and moving on for me, then anything else.

Have a blessed day!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Things!

Some weeks I don't have much to say, and others there are tons of things happening. This past week was spring break, which for me means nothing!! Yay! for growing up!  But, I did take Wednesday off to get stuff done. Mainly that meant working calves, but I got a bunch of stuff done around the house as well. Bobby and I had to get the bulls up. We had taken them off the heifers and stuck them in another pasture which we didn't know had the back fence down. Even though they probably never found it, it is best to get them out. One bull had already gotten out of the front (where there is a fence) and they stuck him out with Dennis' horses and Momma Cow (a very old cow who would enjoy her retirement if we would keep the boys away from her fertile self). So, we baited the other bull and finally got him on the trailer, went to Dennis' to get the other bull, broke a water pipe, then Bobby took the 4 Wheeler and rounded up the other bull. 30 minutes later brings him back and we're in business. After that we gathered our heifers and their calves (which I guess they're not heifers any more, but that's what we call them) and worked them. This was such a learning experience. Having only 2 people when it's at least a 3 person job, is always fun. We got it done, though! It was very successful and we have only 2 left to calve.
I really wanted to get pictures of us working, but when you're short handed pictures are the last priority. So, I did get an after picture.
You can tell how much he wanted his picture taken
What a Dork!

We had to take some of the heifers to the sale on Thursday and didn't get home until 10. I had to pack and get ready for the weekend. I left Friday, right after work, and headed to Brady. I picked up my new puppy and stayed the night at my parents. She is a Catahoula and I love her already. I got home last night from Houston and Bobby fell head over heals for her. He held her and started teaching her how to sit. He told me that he loves her. She is already spoiled and when I left for work this morning she cried forever in her kennel like she was being abused. Hopefully she'll get into a routine and learn that she will be in her kennel all day! Poor little thing!
We still haven't named her, but were going to wait and see what fits her instead of settling for something like Junior! hehe!!

My mom, Mollie (sister) and I got up and left the house at 4:30 Saturday morning to get to Houston for the shower. I actually drove all the way, but it was good cause we got to get caught up on our visiting. The shower was fun and then we headed downtown to go the Rodeo. This was Lyn's bachelorette weekend, so we went to the rodeo and watched Brad Paisley, then rode the Metro back to our hotel. That was quite an adventure.
Even though I had a great time with the girls, I don't really care if I ever go back to Houston, again. Some people ask me how I live out here in the middle of no where, but my question is how do people live there. I love it out here in the wide open spaces!
This was when we first got on the Metro to head to Reliant. by the next stop  I couldn't even see Lyn there were so many people.

And of course, I'm not very good with pictures so I didn't get any pictures of the rodeo or of Brad, but o-well.
After a stop at the airport, a girl's house, the hotel to pick up mom and JoAnn Fabric's, we headed back to God's country. Even though there are way too many people, the grass is so green down there and it is a beautiful spring. There were tons of bluebonnets along the road, so we couldn't resist and stopped to take our pictures in them. It was a fun trip, but definitely glad to be home with my hubby!

Spring is in the air with thunder storms and all. I love this time of year!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Dot on the Map

I saw this on Pinterest and I thought that is was cool. 
I've been to 22 states. I would love to make it to all of them, eventually... especially the ones you fly to!!!

Now, here is my story on how I made it to the states I have...

1. I live in Texas
2. My mom is from Wyoming, and such is the path through New Mexico and Colorado (Or Oklahoma).
3. I used to live in Nebraska and you go through Oklahoma and Kansas to get there. 
4. When I was little we went as a family to Yellowstone (in Wyoming). We stayed one night in Silverton, Montana, so I think it counts.
5. My sister went to college in Ohio. We went to look at the school on a road trip via Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and back through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma.
6. Mission trip to Canada. Drove from Buffalo, NY to Toronto. On the way back we got to see Canada's side of Niagara Falls. Love!
7. My last summer in college I worked for a barrel racer and we got to travel to all the big rodeos out west. First stop... Reno, Nevada. I got to see alot more of New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada. In Reno I went hiking with my cousins at Lake Tahoe and we went to California's side of the Lake... that counts right?? About all of Cali I need. (Except Avon walk in Santa Barbara!!!)
From Reno to Phoenix, AZ  (p.s. I love Arizona), Phoenix to Colorado Springs, CO via Albuquerque, NM, to Cheyenne, WY back home through Kansas.
8. Home for 2 weeks then to Oklahoma rodeo, New Mexico rodeo then to Idaho for tour finals. We went through Utah to get there and saw the Salt Lake and red dirt. That's about it.


I want my next trip, besides Hawaii and Alaska, to be Maine. I've always wanted to go there. Maybe it has something to do with Sarah Plain and Tall. She reminds me of my mother. Anyways...

Where would you like to go???

May God be with y'all in your travels!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Crafts Lately

I had all weekend to work on my projects. I don't know if it is the weather or just everything coming up that has motivated me. This month there is a total of 5 showers that I could have gone to. I have already missed one :( but I know I'll have to miss more then just that one. next weekend is my future sister-in-law's shower in Houston. We are headed down there to that and then the Rodeo with Brad Paisley to follow. I'm so excited, hopefully I'll manage the traffic. Not looking forward to that.
Now, about the projects, since baby's are sprouting up everywhere, I have started on those gifts. I made a quilt and receiving blanket for a friend. Finally got that finished so she can have bedding for him in when he gets here in April. My sweet cousin is having a little boy, so I made him some stuff. (I'll disclose pictures and all after she has gotten the gift). There are many more baby's, but that is all I've gotten done so far. They are the closest to arriving here!!
Kase's Quilt

Receiving Blanket
This was my first time to quilt, EVER!, and I think it turned out pretty cute. Bobby says I need to start making us some quilts, but we'll see how that goes.
I made Lacey a receiving blanket for her first child, Selah, and she said she always uses it, so I had to make one for Kase, too!

Another project I got finished was my table. I had seen a picture like this on Pinterest and thought it was so cute, so I decided the make one like it. I had a table sitting in the garage which was perfect for this project. I had to clean some old paint off of it and sand it a little, but it worked out perfect. Of course, I didn't have any stencils, so I made the stencils, then painted them on the top. After it dried I sanded it to make it not so shiny and more rustic. Then topped it off with a coat of stain. I think that I might get a darker stain, but this is pretty much it!
After painting the numbers

That's about all I have! Enjoy your Monday!!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Love Love Love

     So, I was laying in bed the other night, flat on my back, a little perturbed at Bobby. At what, I cannot remember, that's how important it was. I'm sitting there thinking, "Man, sometimes this guy is hard to love." Thus, sparks the point of this discussion.... So as I start thinking about what love is and how everyone you love (at some point) is going to disappoint, aggravate, annoy or just flat out make you/me mad, it hits me. Love is a choice. Think of God's love. He knows all the bad things I do, my bad attitudes, my wrong decisions, my evil thoughts, when I gossip.... (and the list could go on), but he loves me despite all of that, knowing I will continue to disappoint him (on accident, of course!). That is what love is. I have read the love chapter (1 Cor 13) over and over and I know that Love is patient and love is kind, but do I have patience or am I kind? I don't think about that when my feelings are hurt or I've been upset by something.
     After mulling this all over in my head, I get over my hurt feelings, and so I start talking to Bobby about all this stuff jumping around in my head. And he's barely listening (I think) mumbling, "Uh-huh" and "Mmhmm", but I go on anyways. ( I come to find out he did hear me when he said, "Like you said the other night..." a few days later)! Earlier that night Bobby had commented on something saying, "I love...(whatever it was)" and as I always respond I say, "Like you love me??". Jokingly of course, but I always have that in my head. In college we watched this video by Rob Bell about love. This particular lesson is called Flame and it has always stuck with me. I say love toward something like pizza or cake and also toward my husband? What?? There is no way that they compare. I would die for my husband (hopefully I never have to prove that), but I would never die for cake. I mean come on, let's face it... we use the word love way to flippantly.
     Now, I'm laying there in bed trying to make all these thoughts make sense in words and it really hits me. Love is something that is not always going to come easy. Yes, I'm in crazy, mad love with Bobby and super attracted to him and we have a great physical chemistry, but I choose to love him when it's hot and heavy and when it plain out sucks. That's the thing about love. It's not always what we want to do or what comes easy. I mean let's face it, cake is always easy to eat, but it is just something we like. (We probably like to many things these days, too, with the Facebook and Pinterest like buttons, but that's for another day). Our like of things should never be compared to love. There are 3 different Hebrew words for love: Raya- which is a friendship, Ahava- which is a commitment and the 3rd is Dod- a deep burning passion (plain out sexual). Now can my "love for cake" go under any of these categories? I think not. It is definitely not my friend or has my back, I'm not committed to it and I'm not even gunna go to the 3rd scenario.
      Hopefully you got something through all my rambling and I hope that you think about that the next time you "love" something other then a person you have a relationship with.