Monday, October 29, 2012

Windmill Pullin'

The windmill at the lease stopped pumping, so Saturday we went to go try and fix the problem. I've never pulled a windmill before, but I got the easy job {sitting in the truck backing up and pulling forward, I guess you could say that I had a tough job, cause I pulled all the pipe out of the ground, but Bobby climbed up and down the windmill tower 12-13 times!}. I know that "pulling" a windmill might sound like a big task, but it really wasn't that bad, thanks to the invention of pulleys. Turns out the leathers were just worn out and the reason it wouldn't pump water. A pretty easy fix.

Bobby climbing up to get the cable untangled.

 Getting ready to pull the first rod out of the ground.

 Action Shot!

We've got all the rods out!

Dogs had a great time exploring and rolling around in the grass.

The cows came up to see what all the commotion was about, too!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!!

Not only do I love my bible study and my bible study girls, but I love the motivation I got from having it at my house this week. I put the hammer down and got several projects done {my pantry shelves mainly}, my house cleaned and laundry done. With my house done today I decided to take this afternoon to work on some other projects I've been wanting to do for fall. With the temperature dropping it has put me in the mood for fall. I think he turned out so cute, plus I got to use some of my orange burlap from Warrenton!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pantry Shelves

When Bobby and I moved into the new house, we didn't have quite everything finished. Most everything was complete, like plumbing and the essentials, but little projects that mirrors in the guest bathroom, grout here-n-there, paint touch ups and some shelves didn't make the move in date. Then after move in comes up packing and situating and organizing and cleaning.... you get the picture.

So... finally I got some good shelves in my pantry. We put some temporary shelves, but they were not effective. They had little wires for the bottom and were way too deep. You can tell they are a complete mess!

I got a cool idea off of Pinterest and made a big plan of what I wanted. I have flip-flopped back and forth on what would work best or what I would like best. After seeing these bins, I knew that I wanted them. They remind me of little hen nests. I
I gathered up the wood and with plans in hand, started making my ideas come to life! After about 3 weeks of working on them off and on, I got my new shelves installed!I am crazy about them. They turned out so good. I love the color, the bins,.... everything, except the fact that I am going to need some more. After restocking my shelves, I realized that I don't have near enough space. It will be super easy to add on to what I have. I'll get to it.... eventually!!

My cubby shelf (the idea that got these shelves going)



I'm thrilled with how they turned out.
Hope y'all have a fabulous week!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Just a quick update on our weekend. I haven't got any projects done because I cat stay home long enough to get anything done.

We went to visit Bobby's granddad {who is in the hospital}, so if we make a trip, we try and squeeze everything into one weekend! It can be tiring, but we had fun. We saw Granny and Granddad Saturday morning then went and ate Subway. Bobby's sister is building a house, so we went and visited them and saw their progress. We got back to his parents and turned right back around to go get feed with Bobby's brother and sister-in-law. They picked up feed then we decided to eat. After we ate, we waddled back over to the pickup and went back out to his parents. I then helped my sister-in-law makes pies for birthday Sunday. She has this cute little pie maker the shapes individual pies to look like apples. Apparently it hard to make pie when it is raining outside, but they still turned out pretty, darn cute. After that we played ping pong and darts. Let's just say it was past Scot's bedtime.

Sunday, after church and breakfast, headed to my parents. Bobby hadn't met Gracen (our 5 week old niece) yet, so we spent the afternoon with them. It was a beautiful day!
{We also neutered Bobby's dog, Junior. He has been traveling a lot, so hopefully this will keep him at home. Plus my sister is a vet tech and has all the supplies. Easy peesy!}

Plus I went with mom down the mountains while her and Tate brought in the goats!

That's the weekend. Now it's been back to the daily grind. Work work work!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Guest bedroom

The bedroom suite that we put together the other day. I got the bed up and ready, but not decorated yet. I'll get to that eventually.

* if you look closely, you can see mr bobby in the picture

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

love this crazy, tragic, Sometimes almost magic, Awful, beautful life!

Now that I can finally function with out a horrible sinus headache I'll get back to this...

This sinusy, cold junk had been going around... so I guess it was my turn. I was starting to feel pretty bad on our Warrenton trip and by the time I got home Monday afternoon I was feeling awful. Since I knew I was feeling bad and would feel worse, I ended up taking off Monday so I wouldn't have to drive home late Sunday night and then get up early and go to work. I decided to go ahead and go to work Tuesday and Wednesday {even though I didn't feel very good} and I had to go into work on Thursday, due to others already asking off and being short handed. We've been over-loaded with land-men in the office and they have been wanting copy after copy, not fun when you know you need to be resting.

{For those of you who don't know, I work part time in several offices in the county. The first half of the week I'm in the Glasscock County AgriLife Extension Office, 2 days in the clerk's office and 1/2 day in the county judge's office. Needless to say, I have a lot on my plate. That doesn't even include being the counties Republican Party Chair... ugh...}

Thursday, right after lunch, Bobby calls me needing help. He had got all the cows up and needed help sorting, loading and hauling cattle. We'd been planning for weeks to preg cows and sell calves, so there is still no rest for the weary. I end up leaving work {let's just say I went home sick} and go help Mr. Bob. Praise the Lord, the cattle loaded right up, no problems what-so-ever and we even got the crazies loaded!! After all the cows were at the pens, we had to get hay and take the crazies to the sale. At this point, we don't care if they are bred or not... they gotta go! Last time we worked, #36 almost ran right over Bobby. Then she plowed right through the fence. We may have gotten them a little stirred up, but there was no call for that. Off she goes.

Bobby didn't feel comfortable with me pulling the hay buggy, so I got to take the cows to town. I got to the sale barn and unload the ladies. I'm shutting a gate and waiting on the guy to tag them and all... one of those hussies starts slipping around in the mud/poop that is all sloppy from the 4 inches of rain... let's just say it was not my day. This face is just accepting of the fact that these things just happen to me!

You can't even see all the poop in my hair and all over my back, side, front.... you get the point. Plus... I had already wiped it out of my mouth. Yum!

Anyways. I got home and got me a hot shower and supper! No big mishaps... there is always something to be thankful for.

Friday- I decide to stay home. One- my boss told me to and Two- it's time to work cattle. Everything went off without a hitch. The continual presence of our Heavenly Father!! I wish I had pictures, but I was too busy loading the chute. I do have a picture from last week. We were feeding.

Saturday we haul the cows back out to pasture. They still had some hay left, so we decided to let them finish it up over night. No sense in wasting, right? Bobby had gotten up early to help with the sausage making. Every year the catholic church makes thousands of pounds of sausage that they sell at the Fall Festival. Even though we have never been to the Festival, he likes to go help cut meat up... I guess it's a guy thing! I was fine with that because I was still in bed , sleeping! We pretty much did nothing else the rest of the day. Just snuggled on the couch and watched Pawn Stars and American Pickers. {all we watch now-a-days}

Sunday we didn't do much. With 50* highs there is not much you want to do, but with winter coming on and only one dog house, we decided to build them another one. They shared the house sometime, but it couldn't be that comfy crammed in that little house. This one is much more spacious. They can share if they want, but they can also each have their own. We took the dogs to the shop and spent all day with them and building the dog house.

We started off with 2 different ways of how we wanted to build the house {and if you know Bobby, you know who won... him!} I decided that it was not that big of a deal so this is what we ended up with.

You can see bobby in the background cutting some metal.

One very proud Poppa!

Sage was in the middle of everything all day. She wanted to help with everything.

Dog Days. She doesn't know her size. She thinks she is a lap dog.
I'm guessing she weighs around 45 pounds!

After we got the house built, Bobby made some bed rails for the bed in our guest bedroom. We're storing the bed room suite for his boss and it didn't come with bed rails.... a little frustrating. But I got my handy dandy little husband on it and now I can finally set up the bed and have to room in order. {Pictures to come}

After only working 2 1/2 days last week I was ready to go back to work... but wait... it's Columbus Day!! I get yet another day off. I feel like I haven't been at work at all.

I got a couple things done on my day off. I slept in!!! and I touched up some paint in the house. There are a couple other projects that I'm working on... I'll let you in when I get them done.

Hope y'all have a wonderful short week!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Goodies!

So... as promised... here are my "goodies" from Warrenton!

This is a glass ball for decorating. I just need some more to go with it!

 My produce scale. {I already had the pumpkin}

My 9 pieces of fruit. I love them... and all for $3... Can't beat that!

This shows the bowl better! $12.

A brick for my garden/porch!

Potpourri that smells heavenly! 

Wire pumpkins for fall decor on porch!

Wire baskets for my garden shelf + new picnic basket! 
Sounds like Bobby and my next date!!

 Wall Art thing... what do you call this???

 ... but it goes nicely over my bed! Don't ya think?

These are two things I got! The other wall art and my big pot! I love that they bring color to my very neutral living/great room! I got the stuff in the pot from Wally-World and then my cute little hooter at Hancock Fabrics. I do have a question. Do you think that I should hang my "wall art" or just leave it leaning on the wall?? Let me know what you think!

Don't you just love him???

I got these jeans! $20... can't beat that! I'll just have to hem them up a bit.. no biggie!

I didn't take a picture of my burlap... but I plan to do something fall-ish with it! I'll post when I do!

Have a great hump day!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012


This past weekend was the long awaited girls trip. We always save up some money and take a trip to Warrenton, Texas to get our shop on. This is not a trip for the weary, we shop long hours in the sun or rain.
This year happened to be in the rain. We enjoyed the cooler weather and tromping around in the mud. After3 days of shopping, we packed up our treasures and headed home.

We got the cutest little house to stay in close to Schulenburg, TX.

We grilled sausage and chicken Saturday night, topped with sweet potatoes, green beans and garlic bread. Yummo!

I got some stuff to go in my new house.

  1. Wire pumpkins to go on the porch
  2. A decorative ball. 
  3. Orange burlap... I'll make something fallish with it!
  4. A yellow produce scale
  5. 8 pieces of fruit (decorative) + 4 acorns
  6. Wooden bowl to put fruit in 
  7. Antique quilt!
  8. Teal pottery pitcher, thing
  9. Denim Shirt
  10. 2 wooden pieces to hang on wall (don't know what they're called, I'll have pictures)
  11. $20 pair of jeans!
  12. A Christmas gift or two
  13. 3 wire baskets!
  14. Orange spice potpourri
I'll get pictures up tomorrow, but I my camera was dead. Charging now and should be good to go!

I think that is it!... besides the coffee at the Coffee Bug! It was a old VW Beetle with the back end cut off, camper shell attached and turned into mobile coffee stand! And we had a cocoa loco chocolate chocolate chip cookie!

All in all a successful, exhausting weekend! Plus I got to see my sweet little niece several times! I got a picture and they have disappeared off my phone. Bummer!

Have a lovely, autumn week!

Front Porch Sittin'

I've been blog surfing here lately... well just today actually. I was so excited last week when I had a new follower on my blog. Then one this week!!! I guess I need to get better about blogging on here to keep my 'hand-full' of readers interested.

I found a blog called Everyday Ruralty, today. She posted a question answer thing on her page, today! It was so darling, I just had to copy it onto mine.

  1. If you could instantly play a musical instrument, which one would it be?
  2. Do you have a fireplace, wood-stove, or pellet-stove?
  3. What's your favorite addition to brownies?
  4. Do you use much bottled water?
  5. How much did you weight as a newborn?
My answers:

1. I would love to play the piano. I've had several lessons and still don't play very well.... so I guess I don't want to play too badly!
2. We recently moved into a new home and are planning on installing a wood-burning heater. Fingers crossed I will get one!
3. Chocolate chips are the best in brownies!
4. We use bottled water some, mainly cause it's handy! I want to get a crock that despenses water and get the 5 gallon jugs to put in it. We'll see what happens.
5. I'm thinking 6 pounds and something. Not real sure.

There you have it. I'm getting better on opening up!